• +Who is in charge at this whole thing?

    I’m Chris Bell, founder of WaterOx Consulting, and head counselor at SQL Summer Camp. I’ll be joined by an incredibly capable team of speakers and counselors who will be helping to make this camp exciting and memorable!

  • +Will there be camp counselors?

    You bet! We have counselors that will be helping throughout the training and other events. You can learn more about each of them here.

  • +What type of people will be training and teaching us? Are the professionals?

    We have a mix of people doing the technical training, each one a known and respected speaker / trainer in the SQL Server community. Other counselors are all well respected in their own fields of expertise. Learn more about each of them here!

  • +I'd love to volunteer! Do you need help? More speakers?

    Email us through our Contact page and let us know what you are interested in. Please note we have a very limited budget for speakers and counselors (to help us keep overall cost as low as possible), and we have already reached out to a number of speakers, trainers and counselors.