campSQL Summer Camp


This year we are going to be hosting SQL Summer Camp at MacLeod Cottages in Petite Riviere, Nova Scotia, Canada!

We will be using the House and Loft as our base of operations for training and meals and various cottages are available for rent for the week.

More information about each cottages we have on hold is available on the cottages page.

You are also welcome to stay in any of the nearby towns in the Lunenburg region.

(Remember, as a Camper you still get to enjoy all the great food we will be providing!)



  • +Are there RV Spaces?

    No. These are cottages amongst other cottages and local homes. Driving an RV to the training location is not an option either.

  • +If you live near the camp, can you commute?

    Sure! The cost of registration covers your training, swag and food for the event, not your accommodations. We would love to have more local folks involved!

  • +Can we camp outside?

    No, again, this is not a regular campground. You need to stay in one of the cottages, or at a hotel/motel nearby.

  • +Are single rooms available?

    The cottages are semi-private and we encourage you to team up with some other attendees to share the cottages. If you must have a private room you can either rent the whole cabin at regular costs, or stay at a local hotel / motel.

  • +Can we change room plans after registration?

    We are leaving your accommodation planning up to you, so you are free to change whatever you like whenever.

  • +Is there Wifi? Cell Phone Service?

    There will be very limited Wifi and cell phone service in the area we will be in. The cottages do not have Wifi. The goal of summer camp is to disconnect you from the rest of the world so you can focus on the training, and also unwind and recharge before heading back to the fully connected world. Emergency Wifi access will be available.

  • +Are there outlets in the cottages?

    Yes, there is full power in the cottages. It is standard US outlets with 110V.

  • +Are there fridges in the cottages?

    Yes, each cottage has a kitchen available with a fridge and other cooking utensils.

  • +I just looked at the cottages online. Do I really need to bring my own towels and linens?

    You are welcome to bring your own, but we will be providing fresh linens and towels for all campers. If you have Stowaways please be sure to let us know on the registration form so we have towels and linens for them as well.

  • +Do the cottages have bathrooms?

    Yes, they have shared 3 piece bathrooms. We also have bathrooms available by the house & loft areas where we will be having our training sessions and meals.