Upcoming Trip to Nova Scotia


Nova Scotia – Here we come!Peggys Point (Peggys Cove) Lighthouse , Nova Scotia Canada Lighthouses, Canada

Come the end of July,2014 we will be making a 2 week trip to Nova Scotia to get some more arrangements, photos, videos and other logistics for SQL Summer Camp 2015 sorted out.

We are also going to be using this time to come up with some new ideas for both SQL Summer Camp (I know, every idea for it is new since it hasn’t happened yet), and for what direction we are going to continue in with WaterOx Consulting, Inc.

Is WaterOx Consulting going to become a strictly consulting service, focus on remote DBA care with our Concierge DBA® services, or maybe we will start to focus more on training events and videos for the general SQL Community, and possibly others?

We don’t know right now. We have ventured on to try a variety of things to see what works, and each has its merits and faults.

We are hoping this time in Nova Scotia, getting back to our roots, will help to nail that down.

Keep an eye on the site for updates, new photos and new videos coming up in August!




So, what do you think ?