NoCampAt SQL Summer Camp we take our training seriously, but that’s about it!

We get it. We know that there are lots of training options out there to learn SQL Server. We figure we would help you make your decisions by providing a list of the top 8 reasons why you should not come to SQL Summer Camp this year!

You Just Want A Certification

Yeah, not our focus. The focus of SQL Summer Camp is to make you into a well rounded, powerful SQL Server professional. We strongly believe if you learn the skills to do the job properly, that is far more valuable than a certification.

You Don’t Need Hands-on Knowledge

We bring in some of the best SQL Server talent to share their knowledge and experience through presentations and hands-on sessions. Social activities allow for one-on-one and small group discussions to get you the information you need!

Social Activities & Networking — No Thanks!

Camp provides an opportunity to rub elbows with some of the industry greats, as well as each other. Activities designed to promote networking and social interaction help round you out as a true SQL Server professional.

You Love Your Office & Boring Training Centers

We conduct our training in outdoor pavilions, open to nature creating a relaxed learning environment. You get to charge up your SQL skills while recharging your personal stores. You will go home recharged and ready to do more as a SQL Server professional.

Your Boss Does Not Like You

We know that isn’t true! Your boss actually likes you. Your boss wants you to grow professionally. Your boss will be thrilled to learn that camp is an event that can help you improve your knowledge and expertise.

Your Job Is Just Not Exciting

We break the monotony of the standard SQL Server training and profession by offering a diverse collections of sessions to round out your professional skill sets. We strive to get you excited about SQL Server again!

You Are Way Too Busy

Being busy means doing stuff; being productive means getting stuff done. We focus on techniques and skills you can use immediately to become productive as a SQL Server professional.

You can’t afford it

We have worked very hard to make camp as affordable, if not more so, than other training retreats. Rather than spend a fortune on training, and a hotel, and meals and transportation, we have found a location with low cost for accommodations and include all your meals in the registration price!

Like this list and want to share it with someone (like your boss?) You can even download a copy here!

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