sailDoes SQL Summer Camp sound great to you, but you just aren’t that geeky?

We have you covered!

We offer a Stowaway Program to anyone coming along with a Camper.

You will be able to join in all the activities and meals and can enjoy all of SQL Summer Camp.

  • +Who is a Stowaway?

    A Stowaway is any companion that accompanies a Camper to SQL Summer Camp. Be it a spouse, the kids, or just a friend, they are the people that come to SQL Summer Camp to experience Nova Scotia and have a relaxing time away while the Camper(s) are in training sessions.

  • +What programs are available for Stowaways?

    There are a few of different programs for Stowaways.

    The first is the complete Stowaway Program. This includes all scheduled meals and snacks. It also prepays* for the planned excursions and Stowaway activities that they may wish to participate in.

    There is an option for a Meals Only plan. This will let the Stowaway join us for all the planned meals and snacks we have available.

    The Meals Only plan does not include the prepayment of activities and excursions, but the Stowaway can still participate in the activities by paying for the materials or excursions.

    There is also an option to just prepay for activities and excursions with an Activities Only plan. This will cover any  Stowaway activities and excursions that they would like to do, but will not include any of the meals or snacks we will be providing. There is an option to purchase some food items onsite, but not the main and special meals.

    All Stowaway programs provide some “swag” as well, just like the Campers get!

    *Some optional excursions and activities have additional costs above and beyond what we are able to provide in the prepaid costs, but we discount them as much as we can!

  • +What is the cost of the Stowaway program?

    There are a  few different levels of Stowaway Programs available.

    – Stowaway Program – $1,000

    – Meals Only – $500

    – Activities Only – $600

    Those that are under 13 years of age can opt for a Youth Meal or Youth Stowaway program with a a discount of $250 . There is no discount provided for the Activity Only program.

  • +How do I join the Stowaway program

    When your Camper(s) register there is an option on the forms to add Stowaways to the Stowaway program. The Stowaway program is only available to those accompanying a Camper.

  • +The Stowaway program sounds awesome! Can I join just that and not come with a Camper?

    No. The purpose of SQL Summer Camp is to train the Campers. We developed the Stowaway program so family and friends of Campers could come along and not feel left out of all the fun. As such, if a Camper cancels their registration, all Stowaways will be cancelled as well.