Paul Rizza – SQL Consultant

Paul Rizza is a Sr Consultant at Microsoft Consulting Services, Lead on the MCS SQL Hiring Team, and has over 20 years experience consulting, teaching and developing on SQL Server.
Paul has a Masters in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University and has worked at many large companies like Food Lion, Deutsche Bank, MGM Grand Las Vegas, and Geico.



Using an Open Source project API Library this session will show how SSIS Packages can be created as easily in C# .Net as they are in BIDS. During the session real world examples will be used to show how SSIS Code can be created in BULK.

Session Level: Intermediate

ETL not ELT! Common mistakes and misconceptions about SSIS

Explore some of the mistakes and misconceptions DBAs tend to have about SSIS. Also look at the performance and scalability of ETL vs ELT with real world examples and sample code.

Session Level: Advanced



A true intro to the SSRS environment and configuration for the DBA.

Session Level: Beginner