Brian Davis – SQL Consultant

Brian Davis is a SQL Server Consultant with UpSearch and has over 14 years in the IT field in multiple areas including software development, support, user training, and as a DBA. He has been working with SQL Server since 2003 and has hands on experience with SQL Server 2000-2012. Brian is also an active member and leader of the Ohio North SQL Server User Group.




Goodbye Next Next Next, Hello Automated Installs

Tired of clicking through all those setup screens and entering the same information over and over again? I know I am, so I’m doing something about it…I’m automating my installs! From base SQL Server installs to Service Packs, Cumulative Updates and even Client Tools for DBA’s and Developers, I’ll show you ways to automate your installs using SQL Server FineBuild (CodePlex Project). We’ll cover many of the scenarios you may encounter and you’ll walk away with some pre-built install scripts to help get you started.
Session Level: Intermediate

Getting started with Hekaton(In-memory OLTP)

So you’ve heard of Hekaton (In-Memory OLTP) but you aren’t sure where to start or if it’s for you or not. Maybe you’ve heard or read some information and not sure what’s true or not. There’s a number of misconceptions out there about Hekaton. By the end of this session you’ll have a better understanding of what Hekaton is and how it may be able to help you. We’ll discuss the basics of Hekaton and more as well as walking through some demos to show you how to use Hekaton and what it can do as well as help you get started diving into Hekaton on your own.
Session Level: Beginner

SSIS Templates Can Make Your Life Easier

How many times have you started a new SSIS project and added the same components that you’ve added to almost every other package you’ve created? Components to handle logging and errors or even a standard workflow for loading data files. In this session I’ll show you how you can create standard templates that already contain any and all of the common components you desire. We’ll also look at how to implement and use these templates so that the next time you create a SSIS package you can spend your time on the work you actually need to do instead of implementing common components over and over again.
Session Level: Beginner