SQL Summer Camp is a week long retreat for SQL Server professionals, or those interested in expanding their knowledge of SQL Server.

We have been asked if this is a retreat for absolute beginners, and to be honest, we have to say no. We are going to have a variety of topics, from beginner level to advanced, but you really need to have some experience with SQL Server.

If you are interested in beginner level sessions check out the training offered by WaterOx Consulting. They provide a week long Beginner Boot Camp that will help you get up and running as a SQL Server Database Administrator and help prepare you to be able to take advantage of our next SQL Summer Camp!

  • +Will there be a way to talk to the other campers before arriving at camp?

    We have created our Camp Forums so you will be able to talk to members as well as discuss carpooling, cottage haring, what you’re bringing, etc..

  • +What should I bring?

    We will be providing a packing list closer to the event. For now plan on a sweater or jacket for cool evenings, sun block, proper footwear for hiking, walking and beach strolling as well as any special items you may need. Don’t forget to bring along a laptop with SQL Server installed as well. We recommend getting a copy of developer edition if you don’t have it already. You can get it at the Microsoft Store.

  • +Can I bring my bike?

    Sure, if you like. The cottages are about 1 km (1/2 mile) from the training area and there are miles of back country roads up and down the coast which make for amazing rides.

  • +Do we need to bring our own linens and towels?

    You can if you like but we will be providing these for all campers and stowaway program members.