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  • +Do we have to attend all training sessions?

    We hope you see the value of the training being offered and we strongly suggest you attend every session, but the choice is ultimately yours.

  • +How often will SQL Summer Camp occur?

    Great question! This is our first ever SQL Summer Camp. We hope we can continue this at least once a year but it will all depend on the success and experiences of the campers after this first event.

  • +Will SQL Summer Camp be held in other parts of the world (like the USA?)?

    Our focus right now is on this first event. Regardless of the outcome, we have already started exploring other types of SQL Summer Camps we can offer in other locations such as in the USA at an actual summer camp, and even a smaller, more upscale camp event in the Bahamas!

  • +How many campers can attend?

    We have not set a limit just yet. We are still working on logistics to allow as many people as are interested the option to come. If we get to a point at which we will have to cap the registration, we will let everyone know.

  • +What if there are more campers than space? How will you decide who gets to go?

    If we reach capacity and are ‘sold out’ you will need to email us at camp@wateroxconsulting.com to be added to a wait list. There may be a $99 deposit required to secure your spot on the waitlist which will be refunded if we can’t get you into the camp this time. This fee is to ensure you are truly interested in joining us at Camp.

  • +Is there any way we can help or volunteer with SQL Summer Camp?

    At this time, we are not currently looking for more volunteers as we already have  full team. However you can help us tremendously by spreading the word about SQL Summer Camp!

  • +What about pets?

    Pets are welcome in the cottages if you are staying in one. They are also welcome in the training area, but not the food service areas. You will be responsible for controlling and cleaning up after your pets (All over Nova Scotia, it’s a rule here). If you are not staying in a cottage, you will need to check the policies of your accommodations.

  • +Can we bring our kids and have them join in the training and activities?

    You are welcome to bring your children along. If they want to participate in the training they will need to register as campers, otherwise they can join the Stowaway program, or just have fun on their own. We will not be providing daycare services or supervision of children, nor can we provide equipment children may need (cribs, strollers, high chairs, etc). Please note that if you do plan to bring your children, you are responsible for them at all times.

  • +Will there be classes and activities for us to do with our children, family, friends?

    Anyone that comes along will have the option to participate in all events other than the training which is reserved for campers only. There will be lots of activities during camp for everyone.