HikingLet’s cut to the chase:

It’s the topic no one ever likes to discuss. More details are available throughout the site as to breakouts of pricing, but this page will provide the general pricing to help you plan accordingly.

Campers: $2,500 – $3,000 ea.

Stowaways: $500 – $1,000 ea.

Cottages: $35 / adult / night ($245 / week)

                 $20 / child / night ($140 / week)

* The Cottages have further discounts available for groups and larger families, contact the cottage reservations directly for details.

Hotels: Vary.

* look for places around Bridgewater and Lunenburg, Nova Scotia to be within 20 minutes of the camp training location.

  • +What does SQL Summer Camp cost?

    The price for SQL Summer Camp as a camper is $2,500. This includes all food, training and excursions. If you are bringing friends or family they can attend as part of our Stowaway program.

  • +Is a payment plan available?

    Yes! We created a program to allow you to make a 1, 2 or 4 payments for your registration. We do have a processing fee for being able to provide this service so the breakout of pricing is as follows:

    – 1 payment = $2,500 for camper + any additional costs for Stowaways

    – 2 payments = $2,750 for camper + any additional costs for stowaways. This is split into 2 equal payments.

    for example, a camper bringing their spouse on the full stowaway program would have a cost of $2,750 + $1,000 for a total of $3,750. This will be split into 2 payments of $1,875

    – 4 payments = $3,000 for camper + any additional costs for stowaways. This is split into 4 equal payments.

    for example, a camper bringing their spouse on the full stowaway program would have a cost of $3,000 + $1,000 for a total of $4,000. This will be split into 4 payments of $1,000

    – All payments need to be received and processed by the registration cutoff date of 4/30/2015. If payment is not received in full by that time your registration will be forfeited and refunds issued according to our refund policy.

  • +How do we pay?

    Visa and MasterCard are accepted online, American Express can be accepted via phone and check payments can be made via mail. We now have an option as well to register and pay with PayPal through our SQLPunch website. Further options will be noted on the invoice for camp when received. Full payment must be received prior to the end of the registration period (4/30/2015) or your spot in camp will be released for others to take.

  • +What is the refund policy?

    100% refund if cancelled up to 90 days prior to official camp start date.

    50% refund if cancelled less than 90 days prior to official camp start date.

    0% refund if cancelled less than 30 days prior to official camp start date.

  • +Can we transfer our reservation to someone else?

    You can receive a 100% refund up to 90 days prior to the event. If within the 90 days of camp starting, there is an option to transfer your reservation to somebody else for a $99 transfer fee. Transfer requests must be approved by WaterOx Consulting, Inc in writing at camp@wateroxconsulting.com

  • +What is included in the price?

    Because we want you to have the freedom to stay where you like, the price does not include travel or accommodations. We do include all of your meals along with:

    – All SQL Server training events.

    – All basic activities that you wish to participate in.

    – Linens for your bed and shower (Towels, sheets, blankets, etc.)

    – Meals on Sunday afternoon and evening, all week long during training, and Saturday breakfast and lunch.

    – Cool swag to remember your experience at camp

    – Limited Shuttle services to and from the Airport. If you want/need a shuttle for transport to and from the airport let us know when registering for SQL Summer Camp.

  • +Are there any other activities that cost extra?

    There will be a few recreational events that may cost extra. If you are not coming as a camper but as a +1, or Stowaway as we call them, there is a separate program you can participate in that does not include the technical training.

  • +What other expenses might we incur in addition to the cost of getting to camp and camp itself?

    Along with everything already included with camp, there are a few things that are NOT included in the price.

    – SQL Summer Camp merchandise. We’ll have extra SQL Summer Camp apparel and items on site in case you’re interested in picking up extra swag.

    – ALCOHOL. You are welcome to bring or purchase your own alcohol, but SQL Summer Camp will not be providing it on a regular basis. Keep in mind you are here to learn so don’t go nuts and kill all your brain cells during camp.

    – Nova Scotia souvenirs

    – Private excursions, like wine tastings, horseback riding, etc.

    – Some included excursions have additional fees to cover materials. These fees are already discounted for our attendees. (For example the Knife Making Course)

    – Meals not provided by SQL Summer Camp

  • +Will we need money at camp?

    We recommend having some cash, but we will be running a “tab” system for campers to make things easier. If you plan to do activities, events, tours, etc outside of camp we advise having cash as well.

  • +What currency is everything in?

    All prices for SQL Summer Camp are in USD. Since we will be in Canada for the duration of SQL Summer Camp, it is recommended to have some Canadian currency on hand. Canada used the Canadian Dollar which is very close in value to the US dollar now so most Canadian shops will take US dollars on a close to even exchange. You can check the current exchange rate here.

  • +Will any kind of discounts be available?

    Yes! If you register prior to Feb 28th, 2015 and provide this code: LOBSTER We will take 10% off your camper registration cost!