fireOur goal is to make SQL Summer Camp an enjoyable experience for everyone!

Come alone, bring a friend, or bring the whole family!

The focus of SQL Summer Camp is on Microsoft SQL Server technologies. We assume if you are coming as a Camper you have some experience with SQL Server.

We try our best to cover a variety of levels of training, from beginner sessions to advanced deep-dive sessions. We are certain you will learn  a LOT about SQL Server when you attend.

Beyond the technical training for campers, we will have activities and events that everyone can participate in!


  • +What is the base SQL Server knowledge required?

    A base knowledge is all that is required. Sessions range from beginner to advanced and all speaker/counselors are well able to handle your questions and make sure you understand what is being taught.

  • +How will you incorporate different knowledge levels?

    All of our speakers and trainers are experts and will adapt lessons as required. Rest assured you will leave understanding what was being taught.

  • +I'm not a SQL Server nerd, will I still fit in?

    Absolutely! You could even join in the Stowaway program if you don’t want to learn the technical side.

  • +Should I bring a friend, family or can I attend alone? If I attend alone, will there be easy ways for me to meet other people? I'm socially awkward.

    You are more than welcome to bring a friend if you’d like, but if you are attending alone don’t worry. We will have plenty of events and time that you can use to easily make new friends. We even encourage you to visit the forums and even consider sharing a cottage with others.

  • +This sounds great! Can I send my kid to SQL Summer Camp?

    Anyone under the age of 18 is required to have a parent or guardian in attendance at SQL Summer Camp. You can register your child as a camper and then attend as a Stowaway, but we cannot accept child/youth Campers on their own.

  • +Is this open to people outside of Canada?

    Absolutely! We hope that anyone with an interest in SQL Server will consider joining us! Just be sure you have whatever visas or passports you may need.