SQL Summer Camp offers all sorts of activities!


From training to activities and excursions, there is no lack of activities to keep you busy all week long.

As a Camper the focus is on the technical training provided by our counselors and speakers. There is no need to fret though as we allow plenty of time to enjoy a lot of the other activities we have planned.

Each evening we will also be having various social activities to get everyone introduced and comfortable with each other and having a grand time.

From Campfire Confessions and SQL Sea-Shanties being created, to the grand SQL Summer Camp Kitchen party and Lobster Feast and everything in between you will be hard pressed to be bored at SQL Summer Camp.


  • +How will the schedule be based? Will it be flexible based on interested or will everyone be doing the same thing?

    The training schedule itself is going to be pre-determined, but there will be some flexibility. Each session is long enough to give enough time to get good information to the camper, and then loads of questions asked to help develop the rest of the session. During the training sessions campers will all be in the same session, but free times and meal times you are welcome to do as you please.

  • +Will we be signing up for activities ahead of time and have to be at certain places at certain times? Can we come and go as we please?

    The training session are on a set schedule and it is strongly encouraged that you attend all that you can to get the most learning from SQL Summer Camp. At the same time we will have some planned excursions for non-campers (we like to call them stowaways!) that you are welcome to join. We will not tie you down and force you to attend any class or activity. We figure we are all adults, or close enough to being one, that we can all make our own decisions on how we want our camp experience to be.

  • +Will we be splitting into groups for activities?

    Some activities are group based, and some are individual based. So we guess the answer is “It depends”.

  • +How many people will be at activities?

    For the training sessions, the campers and speaker/counselors should all be present. As for other activities they are all optional but we hope everyone shows up!

  • +Will training only be about SQL Server, or about other topics?

    The general purpose of SQL Summer Camp is SQL Server training. During “free” time we will have additional non SQL courses available, and during training sessions other activities will be available for non-campers (Stowaways as we like to call them).

  • +Will events be team centered or will they be based on individuals?

    It depends. Some events we do are more fun with a team, but others are individual based.

  • +Will there be an opening and closing ceremony?

    You bet! We have exciting plans for the opening and closing of SQL Summer Camp!

  • +Will there be awards and prizes at the ceremonies?

    Of course! There will also be prizes and awards all week long!

  • +Will there be bonfires?

    Yepp! Well, not always a bonfire, but we have a really cool old fireplace and chimney outside we will light up every night, weather permitting!

  • +Will there be contests?

    Sure! We have a few fun ideas under way like the SQL Sea Shanty Sing off and the SQL Horror Stories by the fire just to name a couple!

  • +Will there be dancing & karaoke?

    If you want there to be I’m sure we can arrange things to make it happen!

  • +Will there be planned excursions? Unplanned ones too?

    Yes! Non-campers (Stowaways) will have lots of options, and we will provide information to those that want to venture out on their own to explore beautiful Nova Scotia!

  • +Will there be Kayaking, swimming, etc?

    Possibly! The Atlantic Ocean will still be pretty cold, but there are lakes, rivers and other areas to explore and have a lot of fun at!